Martini Glass

Ideal for putting on a show, our giant steel and glass martini glasses make the perfect naughty indulgence.

Aerial Chandelier Bar

We entering imaginary world on the air Aerial Bar tending from Chandelier, pouring champagne into the glasses strait from the air.

Faberge Egg

Created and Trade marked equipment by AALIYAH ART. Inspired by world famous priceless piece of art from Mother Russia – "Faberge Egg".

The Moon

Custom made equipment for AALIYAH ART Other especial Artistic equipment and Performance will make you remember the night for a special reason.

The Arch

Created and Trade Marked equipment by AALIYAH ART. An artistic equipment Inspired by Arabic Cultural Architectures and its performance will take you to other dimension on revolving straps

Aerial Cristal Chandelier

Custom made piece of Art for AALIYAH ART Aerial Cristal Chandelier with Lyra underneath for a memorable performance will makes your venue and an event looks more Glamorous and Unique for the night