Acro Duo

Balancing Acro Duo – Breath taking performance by 2 female acrobats with grace and power merged together into a power of balance.

Parkour Freerunning

Climbing the walls, Jumping from the roof, Running on High... Unique talents

Break Dancers and Urban Dancers

Head spinning performance by B Dancers and Urban.
The best UAE Breakers and Hip Hop, Urban dancers will have you in the mood for dance and inspire your youngsters for physical activities.

Stilt Walking

Tall and Beautiful performers walking around the Mall, Streets, Parks, Welcoming at the doors, Kids and Family events and much more.

Acro Trio

Balancing TRIO where we enter into a man’ world Absolut control and power and yet easy execution of double back flip or hand stand on head...

Flag Spinning Dance

An unique performance with piece of clothing which spins in dance routine.

Clown Acrobats

Ring master performance with clown acrobats for Kids and Family Entertainment or maybe – Mission impossible acrobats in black will make you a story for and event.

Hula Hoops

Bright and Magnificent Hula Hoops performance with 1, 2 , 3 and 8 Hoops all together.

Hand Stand Balancing

Beautiful and Graceful Hand Stand Performance with Gymnastic dance sequences, playing with piece of chiffon fabric in between toes.